Unlock You.

Hi, I am Peretz Segal and I have spent the last 25 years developing a model to give you and your teams the insights and tools to excel in clear communication, creative, solution oriented thinking and dynamic change. Join me on a journey of personal and professional success beyond your wildest expectations.


Command a team that exudes unwavering confidence, works with constant collaboration and embodies harmonious interactions

I’ll help you and your teams overcome the fear of failure and see it is a fiction of the mind, learn how to trust deeply by embracing vulnerability and see the greatness in others.

Through my executive and corporate coaching programmes, I’ll guide you to:

Build self-reliance

Gain self-knowledge

Achieve clarity, confidence & focus

Overcome challenges & grab opportunities

I’m here to help you be who you want to be…

Your identity isn’t static. You are ever-evolving. Your best self lies in front of you – and inside you. I’m here to help you unearth it. To help you redefine and rediscover yourself, and realise your ambitious life goals.

Grow in ways you never thought possible

Build thriving relationships

Take your career or your company to new heights

Have you given
up on change?

Do you feel unsure, disconnected, helpless? That your life is going nowhere, or going somewhere you don’t want to go? That you’re on a track and try as you might you can’t reroute? That your relationships are stuck, your career is stalled, and you’re unable to move forward?

Help is at hand and real change is possible

With more than 25 years’ experience as a guide, mentor and life coach, I can help you cement the real change you’ve always found so elusive. Unearth your deepest abilities. Master your mind. Achieve emotional, physical, cognitive and career breakthroughs. Find new ways to grow and create, explore and encounter, love and lead.

Areas of expertise


Corporate Training

A training program to redefine your work approach: discover hidden talent, create solutions, unearth new partnerships and synergies.


Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching to help you unlock your full potential, empowering your teams to achieve greatness with fearless creativity.

Time to break
new ground

My groundbreaking coaching programs and tried and trusted methodologies offer practical, outcomes-based guidance. I’ll guide you to do the internal work, and to find the solutions to your most intractable problems. Clear your emotional blockages. Get to where you need to go. Get back in touch with who you are. Learn to lead – yourself and others.

About Me

I’m Peretz Segal. I help C-Suite execs and teams build their dreams.

My passion is to guide you towards the life-changing transformation we’re all capable of – to help you unlock your true self. My exploration into human potential began as a fine arts student. In the decades since, I have come to learn that you are your own greatest work of art…

Live your best life, both personally and professionally. With my guidance, you will learn to overcome challenges, develop your strengths, and create a life that you love.



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